Power Point on Wiring Steps

Power Point on Wiring Steps

Thank you for purchasing our GPSLockbox equipment, we always strive to help make your purchase as easy as possible to help answer any questions you may have. We have come up with some step by step guides to assist our customers who decide to install their own equipment or may just have questions. 

Here you can use this power point attachment to see the steps for wiring with our wire harness, with visuals of what a wire connection will look like. There is a step by step explanation on what the colored wires are for and also where the need to be connected for a proper installation. You will see two examples of a direct connect to terminals on a vehicle and going to the fuse box for your connections. There also is an explanation and pictures of what the difference is from our Pigtails and Fuse Taps. Last page will explain and visually show you what to check after wire connections are done and your unit is powered up. Reading and visuals may help you understand better on how to properly wire your GPSLockbox equipment, attached is also a PDF file with the same information if you can't open the Power Point or would like to print the steps. Power Point Attachment will need to be downloaded before opening.

Any questions you can always email us at service@gpslockbox.com .

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