Adjusting / Locking Volume on Samsung Tab E Tablet

Adjusting / Locking Volume on Samsung Tab E Tablet

Due to software protections from Samsung that are built into the tablet, the volume will either need to be adjusted every time the 3.5mm cable is inserted/removed from the headphone jack, or the volume will need to be locked with the “Volume Lock” app as described below, which will prevent changes to the volume levels.

1. Press the volume button on the side of the tablet to
bring up the volume controls on the screen.

2. Press the down arrow in the upper right corner of the

drop down volume control box.

3. Now you should see the media volume set to about
50-60% volume. This is the volume level that the
tablet is set to at default.

4. Drag the slider all the way to the right, to increase the
tablet volume.

5. If you wish to lock the volume levels to the current
levels, please see instructions below.
6. On the Home Screen, click on the “Play Store” icon.

7. Type “Volume Lock” into the search bar. Click the
lock picture underneath the red arrow.

8. Click “Install” to install the application to the tablet.

9. Once the application is installed, navigate to it, and open it.
You will see an “unlocked” lock symbol. This means the
volume is not currently locked. Once you have the volumes
set how you want, click the lock button as shown.

10. The volume will stay locked until you open the “Volume Lock”
app, and click the “locked” lock symbol to unlock them. The
volume can now be adjusted.

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